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General Information You can find almost all general information about the linkshell and our event rules in here. There may also be topics where we need your input.

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Welcome to AlphaDiablos!!
Welcome to AlphaDiablos!! The intent of this shell is to have fun in everything we do. We are looking into Abys events to advance jobs and obtain items for individual members. We are working on Dynamis strategies to increase member wealth as well. There are many end game runs we would like to include. If you are experienced in any end game events, please let Mickielle, Shadowlily or Scolding know so that we can start a thread in the forums for you. All are welcome! We are an open LS for any experience level to join.

If you are on the Phoenix server and are interested in joining our Linkshell, please see Mickielle, Hempknight, Jailbirdy, Keyara or Lycros for a pearl!!
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